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Pasta Food Company


Designed in 2014. The project included the creation of the name (Pastamia), the design of the logo, and the design of homemade pasta packaging. Although this product line was created to be affordable, the investment in design elevated the perception of quality as well as the credibility of the brand.  As a result, this business had immediate growth. In addition, the Pastamia logo was chosen for the special selection of logos published in the book “Logo Lounge Master 4”, one of the largest specialized logotype publications in the world.

The work started with the creation of the name "Pastamia" moving to the visual identity of the labels, especially directed to a more democratic market. The result was an instant increase in sales and the expansion of the product line, which we continue to expand. In addition, there was a great personal appreciation of the brand, making it much easier to sell via sales representatives, once they are now proud of the brand.

Rudinei - Pastamia owner

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