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Product Design


User research, competitive analysis, usability studies, wireframes, low-fidelity prototypes, journey maps, empathy maps, personas, definition of pain points, problem framing, information architecture, and user flow. Interaction design, mood board, mockups, high-fidelity prototypes, design system, visual identity.

Visual Identity


it's the way your company or product communicates visually with your consumers and stakeholders. Including the visual brand guide.




Customized and unique logo development, which you will be proud to use!

Packaging and Labels


That's where we have the fastest and best results. Technically correct renovation, with a specific design to reach your consumers, can potentially increase sales.

Innovation by Design


Strategy for positioning your brand according to the niche market or specific public, with emphasis on creating competitive advantage throughout the design.


Environmental Graphic Design


Environmental graphic design for stores, vehicles, kiosks, and more. Value all your brand touchpoints.



Find the best name for your brand, product, or service.



Hello, I´m Ricardo Pletes, I´m a Product Designer, Branding and Package Designer specialized, I hold a Master of Science in Strategic Design, and I have over 20 years of experience in solving complex problems, transforming, and valuing businesses through human-centered design. By strategic design, I build better brands, products, and services.

Since graduating in architecture, I have always positioned the user as first priority. Architecture is made with the user in mind, human scale, use of the spaces, and sensations to be created. When advancing in the area of design, I added to this way of acting, knowledge, and skills in Branding, Strategic Design, and Design Thinking, combined with my analytical skills, to deliver products that fit the user in the business needs.

Essentially, I´m a designer in a broad concept. Many years in the area, have molded me into a problem-solver with a high balance of sides - analytical and creative, users and business. And, most important... I am continuously learning.


I´m an Italian / Brazilian citizen currently based in Spain, working online for international clients. In the United States, I have a strategic partnership with Camarès Communication.

Management Capability

I have managed multidisciplinary teams, investors, constructor engineers, suppliers, and final clients as an architect. As a designer, this continues with the client, the outsourced crew of engineers, illustrators, and other stakeholders, managing the needs of each part to a common objective, but always with the final user in mind.

Deliverability and adaptability

Understanding end-user needs in-depth, customer needs, time and budget constraints to responsibly and dynamically deliver projects that drive real results. Ability to think creatively and deliver clever concepts with high attention to details.

Solving user problems

Perhaps here is my most significant contribution. Through strategic design methodologies, capability to interpret data, work with multidisciplinary teams, and responsibility for driving results, I have the ability to lead and contribute to the resolution of complex problems. Co-designing, Solving problems, and creating opportunities through design.

Always learning

I’m a fast learner and I’m very adaptable. Demonstrated by the different design areas I’ve been through – architect, furniture designer, graphic designer, branding, packaging designer, web designer, and Ux Ui product designer. Always using methodologies and inclusive visual communication in order to obtain a maximum shared understanding of the problem and ideas.


Scientific papers in congresses and design yearbooks; Chapter of the book «Applied Strategic Design»; Appearance in the books Logolounge 6, Logolounge 8, Master logo 4, and Favourite Design 2020. Design chosen to be part of Comunicare al Presente 2020 exhibition in Italy. In addition to several digital publications.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Now that you already know me a little better, click below and take a look at some of my work. Contact me!



For jobs in the United States, I have a strategic partnership with Camarès Communications. Please contact Deb at Camarès.

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