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Signature, logotype, and visual identity creation for an independent publisher based in New Jersey, United States. The highlight here is the strong symbology created by the union of Grace with Sage and Press, through the daisy, the owl, and the book itself. Coupled with the use of yellow, the result was a strong and memorable brand.

I have worked with Ricardo for over a decade. Here’s why I love his work — and why my clients are not only satisfied, but delighted with his designs: Ricardo is a citizen of the world. He has studied in New York, Barcelona and Brazil. His work is world-class. When presented with complex challenges he responds with inspired simplicity. Throughout the New York metropolitan area, his logo designs are everywhere: atop modern office buildings, on the sides of commercial vehicles and on the shoulders of uniformed ambassadors at our airports. They are classic and impactful — they are a source of great pride for my clients.


When I opened a small publishing company I asked Ricardo to design our imprint’s logo: Grace & Sage Press — the results were brilliant! Of all of his great designs this one is my favorite. He captured the essence of the imprint and our tagline: Gracefully Brief, Sage Advice. It speaks for itself.

Deb Di Gregorio

Owner, Camarès Communications

Grace & Sage CEO

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