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Gourmet Products


Delicaterie was designed to be a monthly signature-based business specialized in gourmet items. The conception of the name,  the creation of the brand visual identity, and further on the design for its private label product line were key steps of this project. The design concept was focused on the delivery aspect of the business, combining a French delicatessen style of gourmet products with the “slow food” movement represented by the bicycle.

When we hired Ricardo Pletes, we had in mind the concept of the business and he helped us to materialize it. It was a complete walk from research and choice of the product name, definition of visual identity, creation of all printed materials to site layout. Throughout this period we count on his total commitment and dedication. The quality of the technical services, the agility and full engagement to reach the best results for the brand, set Ricardo apart from other professionals. To be sure, Delicaterie's success as a gourmet food service subscription is largely due to its visual identity, so highly praised by customers.

Janine Basso Lisboa

Delicaterie owner

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