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D´Anita is a traditional brand of handmade cookies from Santa Catarina, Brazil. Well known for its use of natural ingredients and for its great product quality. After the first design for traditional handmade D’Anita cookies, the brand expanded its product portfolio with the new line “whole handmade cookies”. For this new line, the design seeks a balance between natural and taste. The use of kraft texture and icons highlighting the main product characteristics shows its “natural” side, and the graphic elements and color, associated with typography make an easy identification and bring back the D’Anita artisanal identity looking. The result is a design that preserves the “handmade taste” with an integral touch.

Project published in the book "Favourite Design 2020", a special selection of the best packaging design of the year. Take a look...

Project published by Packaging of the World, one of the largest specialized blogs in packaging design in the world. Take a look…

The project was featured by World Brand Design Society, one of the most significant online publications in the world specialized in brand and packaging design. Take a look…

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