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D´Anita is a traditional brand of handmade cookies from Santa Catarina, Brazil. Well known for its use of natural ingredients and for its great product quality. However, in order to reach larger markets in the center of the country, a new design was necessary, from the redesign of the logo to the creation of a new identity for the packaging of the biscuits. In this way, the new visual identity sought to continue with the premise of a handcrafted product, but with a more commercial look, with the use of farm graphics (origin of the ingredients), and a large transparent area, leaving the quality of the product in the consumer view, and the use of auxiliary figures, which give sympathy to the consumer and help in identifying the flavor of the biscuits. The new identity has given “D´Anita” greater attractiveness and brand appreciation. That is now ready for bigger steps!

D Anita LOGO.png
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