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Bare and Deft Faixa.jpg

Bare & Deft is a Californian company and importer of half-sphere silicone molds mainly used for the confectionery of sweets and snacks. The product itself does not have any differential from its competitors, since all importers have the same shapes.


The challenge was to create a design able to distinguish and add value to the Bare & Deft brand. Starting with the logo, the design idea was to use hand drawn typography as an initial premise, as we wouldn’t like the brand to be seen as gourmet, or boring, but as something fun, within everyone's reach, as happens when we use silicone molds to help us in your recipes.


For the packaging design, we followed the premise of fun and relaxation, using graphic elements composition of the colored half circles and full circles, representing the sizes and formats offered in the box. Adding photographs of the ready-made products, showing the consumer the recipes that can be made, and instigating the desire to do the same. The result was a provocative and clean design, which values ​​and highlights the product in a scenario of fierce competition.

Project featured by World Brand Design Society, one of the most prominent online publications in the world specialized in brand and packaging design. Take a look…

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