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Pharmacy and cosmetic company.


I was hired by Débora, the owner of Apoteka, to redesign some of the product labels, but I soon realized the company needed a new identity. The visual connection between the name and the greek lifestyle guided the new identity, which was amplified to the product line and store environment. This is an ongoing project, which has been implemented gradually (according to demand and financial availability of investment), however, the results are already starting to appear, especially regarding the valorization of the brand and its products.

The work developed by Ricardo started with a deeper understanding of our purpose as a business and respecting our DNA. His work was so profound, that for the first time in 30 years, someone convinced me to update the company logo. We are already noticing the positive impact of this update. We are aware that Ricardo led us to reach places where we have not yet gone.
Besides that, the value of our brand grows every day!

Débora Maria Kehl Trierweiler

Apoteka's owner

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